Slot Myths

Although there is no system to enhance your chances of winning at slots, many players still believe that there is. Here we debunk some of the biggest myths regarding slots. We do so to help you enjoy playing the slots without thinking that you are somehow failing to play according to a winning "system".

Every spin on a slot machine is controlled by the Random Number Generator (RNG). This means that the same machine could hit the jackpot two spins in a row. This isn't likely for the same reason that winning at Powerball is unlikely but it can happen. So:

Slot Myths

Myth #1:

There is no such thing as a machine that is "due". Similarly, there is no such thing as a "cold" machine.


It is not true that some slots are "loose" and some are "tight". The casino sets the RNG to pay out a percentage of all money wagered. If the house sets the slot to pay out 85% of wagers, the slot may appear tight. If the house programs the slot to pay out 98%, the slot may appear loose. The house cannot tell the slot exactly how to pay out the money; the RNG decides that!

It is true that online casinos pay out a larger percentage of money wagered than land-based casinos. This is because online casinos have less overhead. Even when an online casino pays out 98% of wagers, it makes a tidy profit.


Many players in land-based casinos believe that the slots are strategically placed to maximize profits for the house. Once again, this is not possible because of the RNG.

Myth #4

Some players believe the house places tight machines near poker tables to minimize distracting noise. The noise that slots make when a player wins some money does nothing to distract nearby poker players. Poker players are known for filtering out all background noise. So your noisy slot has no effect on them and does not determine its position in the casino.


Some players claim that it is best to play on a machine with a high progressive jackpot. In fact, it is probably worse. The published payout schedule, perhaps 98%, includes the progressive jackpot. Since the jackpot is quite high it means that there is actually less money to be paid out for normal slot wins. Slots that are not connected to the progressive jackpot pay out their published pay-out percentage for a larger number of winning spins.


For some reason there are still players who insist on playing with real coins instead of with slot cards. The cards have no disadvantage regarding the outcome of any given spin. Remember: RNG! Furthermore, using slot cards entitles you to some benefits. So take advantage of the benefits of slot cards and forget everything you hear about how they win less often than real money.


The house cannot decide which machine will win the jackpot next! There is no magic jackpot button for preferred players!


Some players believe that you win more when you bet one coin at a time. There are many machines that pay out more when you play more than one coin or credit. If you want to play one coin at a time make sure you are playing a slot that doesn't reward playing multiple coins.


Slot players are often sentimental but there is no truth to the belief that old-fashioned pull slots are luckier than modern push-button machines.


Slots players tend to be superstitious. There are really no superstitions worth believing in the fun world of slot machines.

Posted by Nick David

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