Roulette Glossary

American Wheel
The American wheel has the numbers 1-36 plus 0 and 00.

A small plastic ball. The croupier first spins the wheel and then tosses the ball into the spinning wheel in the opposite direction of the spin. When the ball comes to rest in a slot it determines the result of all the bets.

This is a bet that one of the black numbers will come up.

Block Betting
This is a strategy in some roulette betting systems. The player bets on all the numbers in a given section of the wheel.

A corner bet. (French)

A column bet. (French)

Column Bet
The thirty-six numbers on a roulette table are arranged in three columns. A column bet is a bet on all 12 numbers in a column.

Combination Bet
This is a general term for betting on more than one number at the same time using the same chip(s).

Corner Bet
This is a four-number bet with the same chip(s).

Betting all your money on one spin of the wheel.

The casino employee whose duty it is to run the roulette table.

Double Zero
This is a single-number bet on the 00.

Dozen Bet
This is related to the column bet in that it involves betting on twelve numbers. In this bet the player bets on the first third (1-12), the second third (13-24), or the last third (25-36).

En Prison Rule
This rule is rarely employed today. It applies only to outside bets and is offered to a player when 0 or 00 come up. The player can lose half his bet or leave the full bet "in prison". If he chooses the latter, the next spin determines the outcome of his original bet. En Prison is good for players because it reduces the house's advantage.

European Wheel
This wheel has all the same numbers as the American wheel except 00. This reduces the house's advantage by about one-half. (Sometimes called the French wheel)

Even Bet
This is a bet that an even number will come up.

Five-number Bet
This is a bet on the numbers 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3. It is not recommended, as the house's advantage is 7.89%.

French Wheel
The same as the European wheel.

Grand Martingale System
This is a variation on the standard Martingale system. In the Grand Martingale players double their bet after a loss and also add a bet. The disadvantage of this system arises when the player has a losing streak and reaches the bet limit before recouping losses.

Green Numbers
The table under the 0 and 00 is always green.

High Bet
This is a bet that one of the higher eighteen numbers (19-36) will come up. (see Low Bet)

House Percentage
The advantage the house enjoys on any given bet.

Inside Bet
This is a general term referring to any bet placed on any number inside the layout.

Line Bet
This is a bet on six adjacent numbers.

Low Bet
This is a bet that one of the lower eighteen numbers (1-18) will come up. (see High Bet)

These are the two numbers adjacent to the winning number.

Odd Bet
This is a bet that an odd number will come up.

Outside Bet
This is a general term for any bet that is not on a specific number. These bets include high, low, odd, even, red, black, column and more.

Parlay or Press
This is a tactical play where the player lets his winnings ride on the next spin.

This is a bet that a red number will come up.

This term designates a period in which the results defy the odds by a significant degree.

Single Bet
This is a bet on one number only. At 35-1 it is the highest paying bet in roulette.

Six-number Bet
This is a combination bet on six numbers.

Slot and Slots
The slots are the indented spaces on the wheel. They are all assigned a number and a color. The payouts are determined when the ball comes to rest in one single slot.

Special Line Bet
This is the same as the five-number bet.

Split Bet
This is a bet on two numbers only.

Square Bet or Quarter Bet
This is a bet on a square of four numbers.

Straight Bet
This is the same as the single bet.

Straight-up Bet
This is another name for the straight bet.

Street Bet
This is a bet on a row of three numbers.

This is a tip from a player to the croupier.

Trio Bet
This is a combination bet on three numbers.

Wheel Checks
These are the unique chips used exclusively at the roulette table. They cannot be used to place a bet in any other casino game.

This is a single number bet on the 0.

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