Team Bingo

Team Bingo is another recent variation of Bingo. You can play Team Bingo while playing 30-ball, 75-ball, 80-ball or 90-ball Bingo. The games themselves are entirely the same. The innovation in Team Bingo is that if a member of your team wins a game your team receives points. After the Team Bingo promotion has ended, the team with the most accumulated points wins a prize. The prize can run the gamut from cash to free game cards to anything else the house designates as the prize.

Some players are frightened away from the Team Bingo concept because they incorrectly think they will have to share their game winnings with everyone on their team. This is not the case at all! Whoever wins any single game keeps all the winnings from that game. The team accumulates points because of the win. So, while you may be disappointed if you lost a close game of Bingo, you can get some satisfaction if the winner was from your team.

Team Bingo


Most Team Bingo promotions last about a month. As the month nears the end, you will want to play as often as you can to give your team as good a chance as possible to emerge victorious from the competition.


Team Bingo was designed to bring back some of the nostalgic memories we all have of belonging to a team and competing with other teams. The camaraderie created within the team is genuine, even if your teammates live far away! And the friendly extra competition generated by the accumulation of team points adds to many players' enjoyment of the game.

Posted by Nick David

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