Bingo Glossary

30-ball Bingo
Only 30 numbers are used: the numbers 1 through 30.

75-ball Bingo
The standard American version in which 75 numbers are used, fifteen numbers for each letter in the word Bingo. The card has a 5x5 grid, the center number is Free, so there are 24 numbers on every card.

80-ball Bingo
This version is popular online. There are 80 numbers. The card has 4 vertical columns and 4 horizontal rows.

90-ball Bingo
This version is popular in Great Britain, Europe, and British Commonwealth nations. There are 90 numbers. There are nine columns and three rows. Each row has 5 numbers. The game is three games in one: first to cover the five numbers in one row, then in two rows, and finally all three rows.

Admission Packet
Most Bingo halls require a minimum entry fee. For the fee the player receives this packet. It consists of up to eight cards plus some throwaway cards for special games. The fees and the make up of the packet differ from place to place.

Auto Daub
For online Bingo, this computer software will mark your card as your numbers are called. Some online sites require that players purchase use of the auto daub.

Ball Gate
The mechanism that releases a ball at Bingo Halls has a metal gate. The ball goes through this gate and is then "in play".

Ball Lifter
This is also part of the number-choosing mechanism. The lifter raises the ball to the ball shooter.

Ball Runway
This is a sleeve-like part of the number-choosing mechanism. The ball is placed here before it is shot onto the field.

Ball Shooter
The ball arrives here and is then shot onto the field when the spring releases.

Basket Bingo
This is similar to Market Bingo in that players don't play for money but for a basket of goods. Local businesses may contribute to the basket.

The call a winning player makes when the number just called completes the pattern on their card.

Bingo Board
This is the Bingo hall version of a scoreboard.

Bingo Card
This is the card that is used in Bingo. The card will have a different layout depending on the type of game being played (see 80-ball Bingo and 90-ball Bingo). The standard card is for 75-ball Bingo. It has a 5x5 grid with the center square marked FREE.

This is a popular variation on the standard game and often ends the evening's play at Church Bingo nights. The winner is the first player to completely cover his or her card. This game is sometimes called Coverall.

This mechanism is similar to what is used in lottery drawings. A blower mixes the balls before the device chooses one.

Buy one, get one free. Not Bill and Hillary Clinton, but where you can buy one card and get one free.

Shorthand for Bottom of the Hour. Some games are specifically scheduled for this time.

This is a type of blackout game. It has a progressive jackpot. Starting from the 45 th number called, the jackpot progresses until there is a winner.

Online jargon for Bingo Points. Online players accumulate points and can redeem them when they have enough points. Points are usually redeemed for free cards but can sometimes be redeemed for cash prizes.

To buy a card.

At Bingo halls the caller is not merely the person who calls out the numbers. He or she is also part of the entertainment, working the room, enticing players to buy more cards or to enter the special games and just generally adding to the merriment.

Cash-in Prize
This is a special game with a cash prize. The participating players put money into the game and 50% of the money is paid as the prize.

Chat Lingo
Bingo chat room slang, usually abbreviations such as GL, which means good luck.

Chat Games
Online Bingo sites usually have a chat room. The person in charge of the chat room will sometimes announce a game will be played only in the chat room

Chat Hosts
These are the managers, or moderators of online Bingo chat rooms. Also called CH and also called Chat Masters. In Cowboy country, when a chat master has a son he is called Chat Masterson.

Chat Room
Online Bingo sites have chat rooms where players can meet other players and kibitz the game. Chat rooms also offer games that are played only in the room. One of the attractions of chat rooms is the slang that has developed (see chat lingo).

Consolation Prize
Sometimes a game ends without a winner. When that happens the house may offer a consolation prize.

Cookie Jar
See Lucky Jar

See Blackout or Full House

This is a special marker used to cover the numbers as the game progresses. Players who use daubers use different colored ones for each game to avoid confusion.

The money a player has in their online Bingo account.

Deposit Bonus
As with most online gaming sites, a first-time depositor will usually receive a bonus.

Early-bird Game
For players who want to get started early, a Bingo hall or site may offer a game earlier than the regularly scheduled games.

Eyes Down
The Bingo caller will tell everyone to pay attention to their cards as a game begins.

See Throwaways

A one-game card.

Four Corners
This is a variation game where only the four corner squares need to be covered.

Free Bingo
Online sites will sometimes offer a free session of Bingo as an extra bonus.

Free Space
The center square on the classic Bingo card. It has no number and is therefore "free".

Full House
Bingo slang for a card where the player has covered every number.

Game Board
This board displays the pattern being played for that game.

Game Room
A room within the room at an online site. It offers its own games and has its own schedule. Game rooms usually have a special theme.

This is software that can daub more than one card at a time. It enables online players to play many more cards than they could play if they were doing their own daubing.

Guaranteed Jackpot
Online sites offer a guaranteed jackpot to encourage players to play there. If need be, the house will put up the money to meet the guarantee. The guarantees are offered both weekly and monthly.

Hard Card
This is a specially-engineered Bingo card with shutters that the player closes when a number is called.

Hardway Bingo
A game variation where the winner fills a row or column without using the free space.

Inlaid Card
Some Bingo halls have cards embedded into a table for players to use.

Late Night Bingo
For those who like to play into the night, some Bingo halls offer sessions that begin late, usually at 10:00 P.M.

Lucky Jar
Some Bingo halls have a jar of cash that is given to a player who wins a game on the lucky number. The number is determined at random as the first number drawn in the session.

Main Stage
The primary attraction of the session.

Market Bingo
Some jurisdictions or Churches don't allow Bingo playing for cash prizes. In those cases, players play for other prizes such as a basket of goods or vouchers.

Minimum Buy-In
The minimum purchase of cards to participate in a session.

Money Ball
This is similar to the Lucky Jar. If a player wins on the money ball the prize is doubled.

Moonlight Bingo
See Late Night Bingo

The ability to play more than one game at the same time. It is an attraction that draws many players online.

Multiple Winners
It is not so unusual for more than one player to win on the same number. When that happens they divide the prize among themselves.

This is a group of Bingo sites online that pool resources for promotions and for progressive jackpots.

Every number has a nickname. Truly die-hard players can rattle them off without a hitch.

When a player needs only one more number to "Bingo" they are "on".

On the Way Game
Some blackout games begin with an on-the-way game. In this case players continue to use their card for the blackout game with the numbers that were covered in the on-the-way game.

Paper Sheets
See Throwaways

Parti Bingo
Shortened name for Participation Bingo. This term may refer to slots bingo or cash Bingo. Players put in extra money to play this game and the pot is usually 50% of the money.

This is the shape the players are trying to create on their card. The pattern for the game in progress is always shown on the game board.

This is the percentage of all monies wagered that is paid out to all winners combined.

Prepaid Bingo
A player can buy a card for an online game, activate the automatic dauber, and not even be online when the game is played!

Prize Bingo
See Market Bingo

Postage Stamp Pattern
A special pattern in which the four numbers at each corner are the "postage stamps" to be covered.

Progressive Jackpot
These jackpots are common both online and in Bingo halls. The jackpot grows until someone wins.

Rainbow Pack
A special pack that allows a player to play for several different prizes at the same time.

Reno Night
Some jurisdictions allow a Bingo hall to offer other casino games such as roulette but only on specifically designated nights.

Replay Counter
This device keeps track of a player's accumulated points and tells them when they have won a free card or other bonus.

This software is the heart of online gaming. The letters stand for Random Number Generator which selects numbers completely at random. In Bingo, it is designed to select any given number only once until the next game begins.

Online Bingo sites post a schedule highlighting jackpots, bonuses and other promotions. It helps players remember where and when the next exciting Bingo event will take place.

A full schedule of games. Players buy in for a session. If they want to play after a session has ended they have to buy in again.

Side Games
Online Bingo sites offer many other casino games that players can play at the same time they are playing Bingo.

Single Line
A horizontal row of 5 numbers that has been filled in 90-ball Bingo.

Six Pack
This is a block of six numbers on a Bingo card.

These are games that are played on special cards that must be bought independently of the cards the player is using for the regular games in the session. Some admissions packets have a special card in them. (see Flimsies and Throwaways)

Speed Bingo
This is another Bingo variation. Here the numbers are called out especially quickly. The pattern is often smaller than usual.

As in all online gaming, the software is of the utmost importance. Bingo software must be reliable in ball selection, automatic daubing, and verification of winners.

Split Pot
In a split pot the winner shares the pot with the house.

Texas Blackout
A variation on regular blackout where the odd numbers or the even numbers are wild. If odd numbers are wild then all odd numbers are automatically covered. The same holds for even numbers. The game then proceeds to a blackout finish. Odd or even is determined by the first number called.

Top of the hour games. Some special games are scheduled on the hour.

These are either one-game cards or other special game cards that have to be bought for parti games. They are often flimsy cards, much thinner than the regular cards. They are often thrown away after one or two uses.

Warm Ups
These are games that are played before the regularly-scheduled session begins.

Wild Number
This is a variation in which the number that is drawn first in a game is wild. If a single-digit number is drawn then all numbers that end in that digit are covered. If a two-digit number is called then all numbers ending in the right digit are covered. For example, if 67 is called then all numbers ending in seven are covered.

When a player has an online deposit he or she can make a withdrawal.

Wrap Up Game
The last game of a session. If there is going to be a new session players will have to buy in again.

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