Chat Room Bingo

Bingo's charm is not in its complexity. Nor is it in the challenge to "read" and outwit an opponent. Bingo's great attractiveness is in its simplicity and in its ability to bring people together for an evening of fun and games with the possibility of winning a few bucks. Nothing demonstrates this side of the culture of Bingo like the Bingo chat rooms.

These chat rooms are not where you go to discuss politics or economics or even baseball strategy. Players go there to…chat! About anything and nothing. It isn't unusual at all to play Bingo on a given night at a given time so you can chat with the same people. "How's the family?" or "What's new with you?" or "Wow! 20 inches of snow!"

Chat rooms have developed a rich lingo of their own. Much of it is abbreviations or short forms. Some of the most colorful examples are: "g" meaning grin; "jk" meaning just kidding; and the all-time great combination lingo set: "lmao" for laugh my ass off, "rofl" for rolling on the floor laughing, and finally "roflmao" for rolling on the floor laughing my ass off!

In addition to chit chat, chat rooms offer extra games. The winners can win bonus bucks, cash prizes, loyalty points or anything the site deems appropriate. The chat rooms and the games are run by the CM, chat moderator.

Chat Room Bingo

Chat Room Games

Here are some popular chat room games:

*** A little pick me up: you choose one number from 1 to 75. If your number is called in the first ten numbers you type in the number and "A little pick me up".

*** Blackjack: pick any two numbers that add up to 21. When your numbers are called yell "blackjack".

*** Quack-quack: you choose 11, 22, 33, 44, 55 or 66. Type quack-quack when your number is called to collect you BBs (bonus bucks)

*** Rompers: if your name begins with the same letter as the name of the game winner you get BBs. If it doesn't the money goes into the Losers' Pot which is divided among the losers at the end of the session.


The chat room games add so much to the fun of entering the chat room and the chat room adds so much to the fun of entering the Bingo site.

Posted by Nick David

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