90 Ball Bingo

In much of Europe, Great Britain, and other Commonwealth countries, 90-ball Bingo is the most popular form of Bingo. It is also quickly gaining popularity in North America where some predict it will overtake traditional 75-ball Bingo in the near future.

What is 90-ball bingo and why is it so popular?

90 Ball Bingo

Bingo Card

90-ball bingo is played with 90 balls or numbers. The 90-ball bingo card is much different than the standard 75-ball card. In 90-ball Bingo the card has 9 vertical columns and three horizontal rows. There are only 5 numbers in each row for a total of 15 numbers on a card. There is also no free space. Clearly, there are many open spaces on a 90-ball Bingo card.

3 Bingo Games in One

Because there are 9 columns the numbers are called out without the letters B-I-N-G-O. The popularity of 90-ball Bingo is primarily because the overall game is faster than 75-ball. Each game is actually three games in one. In the first game players try to fill one row, meaning they try to cover the five numbers in any row. But when someone wins the first round players continue on with the same card and the same already-covered numbers for part two.

The goal of part two is to fill two rows. This means, of course, that a different player can win part two than the player who won part one. Finally, in part three, everyone tries to achieve a "full house" meaning covering all 15 numbers on their card. In practice, round one may take a while, but all players fill other numbers during round one, making rounds two and three relatively fast. It is unusual for one player to win all three parts of a game. When that does happen we say that he or she has "scored a hat trick".


There are now many traditional sites that offer 90-ball Bingo in addition to the classic 75-ball Bingo. Even players who love the patterns and mounting tension of 75-ball Bingo, enjoy the fast pace of 90-ball Bingo. While it is true that some sites have begun to introduce patterns in 90-ball Bingo, it is still played the original way most of the time.

Online bingo sites offer first time bonuses. Some games can be played for mere pennies, or pence if you enter a British site. Let us all be thankful to the British. In the past 50 years they have given us the Beatles, great ale, and now 90-ball Bingo!

Posted by Nick David

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