80 Ball Bingo

The natural human desire for variety led a Bingo impresario to create 80-ball Bingo. This variation uses a card similar to the card used in 75-ball Bingo, but the difference between the cards makes a big difference overall.

80 Ball Bingo

Bingo Card

The 80-ball card is a 4x4 grid with no Free Space. The games and the rules are the same as for all variations of Bingo: the caller calls the numbers, the players cover the numbers on their card(s), and the winner is the first to complete a specific pattern. The 80-ball card used to have a kind of shutter that players used to cover numbers so it was sometimes called Shutterboard Bingo.

One interesting feature of the 80-ball card is that each column is a different color. The colors from left to right are red, yellow, blue, and silver.

Bingo Patterns

There are perhaps hundreds of patterns in 80-ball. Many of them are similar to the patterns in 75-ball. 80-ball has more numbers than 75-ball, so a given pattern, such as Four Corners, may take a bit longer to play. Other patterns will take less time to play in 80-ball than in 75-ball because the card is smaller.


Bingo has come a long way from being one of the highlights at the parties we all enjoyed as kids. Today there are several varieties of Bingo. The game is extremely popular both in Bingo halls and online. The ever-popular chat rooms allow Bingo players to experience some of the friendliness of a Bingo hall. Try 80-ball Bingo. We're sure you will enjoy yourselves.

Posted by Nick David

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