Baccarat Glossary

Aside from being the name of the game it is also the name of the worst hand you can have at Baccarat: a point count of zero.

There are actually only two players in Baccarat. One is Banco, or Banker.

Banker Bet
A bet that banco/banker will win (see player bet).

The total amount of money a player has to gamble with.

This procedure is common to card games. A player takes several cards from the top of the deck after it has been shuffled and discards them.

This is the casino employee whose job it is to call out the cards.

At some tables the caller will use this French word to call for another card.

Chemin de Fer
This is another version of Baccarat, mostly popular in Europe. It involves some strategy and decision-making by the contestants as opposed to the American version which does not.

The casino calls this a commission but it is really the house's cut when banco/banker wins a hand.

This French term simply means a round of Baccarat. Not to be confused with political entanglements!

These are casino employees who deal the cards, control the play, and handle the betting.

Face Cards
As in all card games, these are the King, Queen, and Jack. In Baccarat these cards are worth exactly 0 points!

Another way of saying "betting".

House Edge
This term is not unique to Baccarat. In all casino games it refers to the casino's advantage.

The casino worker who has overall management responsibility over the Baccarat table.

La Grande
This is the French term that refers to a natural score of 9 which wins automatically. In plain English it means "the big one".

La Petite
The French term for a small natural, a point count of 8.

Loss Bet
This is a bet against banco/banker.

Mini Baccarat
This is a toned down version of Baccarat which enabled Baccarat to gain a broader fan base in the U.S.

Baccarat players don't like the monkey because it is a ten card or a face card, all worth zero points.

This is the massive eight-deck shuffle.

When the two cards dealt to either player or bank total 8 or 9.

This is a long, flat wooden tool that the croupiers or casino workers use to move the cards on the Baccarat table.

This is a winning hand.

Player Bet
This is a bet that player will win (see banker bet).

This is the classic Baccarat term for "player", the opponent of banco/banker.

When there is a tie no one wins and the bet stays for the next game.

A casino employee whose job is like a carnival barker: to lead gamblers to the Baccarat table.

This is a large, plastic or wood container that can hold up to 8 decks. It allows the dealer to slide cards instead of holding them and eliminates almost all of the pitfalls of traditional dealing.


Shuffle Up
This is when the dealer shuffles the cards before the last deck or decks have been played. A sharp dealer can enhance the house edge by early shuffling.

A tie.

Up Card
The card that is dealt face up.

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